Innovation & Development

Innovation & Development

Joylive has been accessing opportunities with world leading research, testing facilities 
and training to make the best products.

Industry Leading Manufacturing Plant

In order to meet the high demand of product performance and individuation, with first-class production and processing equipment, Joylive strictly follow international QC management in practicing “6S” field-management and lean production management to make sure producing high-grade, precision and advanced elevators for every user.

CNAS Approved Laboratory

Joylive’s laboratory has been approved by CNAS and has become a national laboratory. It is a high recognition of the inspection and testing level and quality management of the company's elevator products, indicating that the company's elevator research and development, quality control testing accuracy, effectiveness and scientificity have reached international level.

Elevator Testing Tower

Joylive for its worldwide elevator business, manufactures more than 20,000 units of elevators and escalators annually and is also dedicated to developing new products to introduce to global market. In order to develop elevators, the performance and quality need to be tested using actual elevators, which had been accommodated by the testing towers. The testing tower is 118m height (6 test shafts), max. test speed is 8m/s.

Intelligent Elevator IoT(Internet of Things) Service Platform

With Joylive intelligent elevator IoT(Internet of Things) service platform - Joycloud™, tens of thousands of elevators around the world are gathered on a shared platform through wireless data transmission technology, real-time collection, statistics and analysis of key data in elevator operation process, to achieve elevator industry from passive services to active services and make elevators safer, management easier.