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What are the prohibited behaviors when riding the sightseeing lift?

As a beautiful landscape in modern architecture, the sightseeing lift not only adds infinite charm to the city skyline, but also provides tourists with an viewing experience. Standing in these transparent elevator cabins, as the height gradually rises, the prosperity of the city and the magnificence of nature are in full view, which is refreshing. However, while enjoying this visual feast, we also need to always remember the prohibited behaviors that should be followed when riding the sightseeing elevator to ensure our own safety and the normal operation of the elevator.

Smoking and open flames are prohibited
As a relatively closed space full of high-tech equipment, the sightseeing lift is strictly prohibited from smoking and using open flames. Smoking may not only cause fires and endanger the lives of passengers, but also damage the air quality and equipment inside the elevator. Open flames are a direct threat to the electrical system and safety devices of the elevator. Once a fire occurs, the consequences are disastrous. Therefore, every passenger should consciously abide by this regulation and jointly maintain the fire safety of the elevator.

No frolicking and violence
The sightseeing lift is not an amusement park. Its internal space is limited and it runs at a fast speed. Passengers should remain quiet and civilized in the elevator, and are prohibited from any frolicking, running, jumping or violent behavior. These behaviors may not only cause injuries to the passengers themselves, but may also cause impacts on the elevator, affecting its stability and safety. In addition, violent behavior is a serious violation of social morality and laws and regulations, and should be resolutely stopped.

Prohibition of touching the elevator door and buttons
The elevator door and buttons are important components of the elevator, which are directly related to the opening and closing and operation of the elevator. When taking the sightseeing elevator, passengers should strictly prohibit the use of hand-pushing doors, prying doors or forcibly preventing the elevator door from closing. At the same time, do not press the elevator button at will to avoid misoperation causing elevator failure or affecting the normal use of other passengers. If the elevator fails or an emergency occurs, the emergency button or alarm device should be pressed immediately, and wait for professionals to come to deal with it.

Prohibition of overloading and carrying dangerous goods
The rated load of the sightseeing lift is limited, and once the limit is exceeded, it will cause safety hazards. Therefore, passengers should comply with the overloading regulations when taking the elevator, and do not force in or carry too many items. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods into the elevator to avoid serious consequences such as fire and explosion. These dangerous goods not only threaten the life safety of passengers, but may also cause damage to elevator equipment.

Prohibition of destroying elevator facilities and graffiti
Sightseeing lift is a public facility, and its internal decoration and facilities are carefully designed and installed. Passengers should take care of public facilities when taking the elevator, and it is strictly forbidden to destroy the decoration, buttons, display screens and other equipment inside the elevator. At the same time, it is also forbidden to graffiti or paste advertisements inside the elevator to keep the interior of the elevator clean and beautiful.

Riding the sightseeing lift is a pleasant experience of enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxing. However, while enjoying this wonderful time, we also need to always remember the prohibited behaviors that should be followed when taking the elevator. These prohibited behaviors are not only related to personal safety and the normal operation of the elevator, but also reflect our respect and maintenance of public facilities. Only when each of us consciously abides by these regulations can we jointly create a safe, harmonious and beautiful sightseeing environment.