Elevator Prats

Elevator, escalator parts and lift modernization

Customized spare parts for elevator and escalator

Prescription parts by Joylive are custom-engineered replacement parts designed to meet or surpass the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements. The process can be applied to all makes and models of lifting equipment and to a certain extent, for passenger elevators, freight elevators and escalators.

Transform your old, 
inefficient elevator into 
a high-performance machine

PLANNING: We will help you plan and budget the modernization.

INSTALLATION: Our installation planning methods means less disturbance to building users.

COMPLETION: We complete projects on time and on budget, with safety and quality testing.

We provide all kinds of lift parts for different brand elevators, including…

We provide more secure services

We use the best quality components to improve safety and help you better manage risk in your building.


With 19-year manufacturing experience, Joylive as factory has good sources to guarantee that all upgrading parts are of the best quality, to make sure elevator...


From the idea to delivery of your products in 5 days! Joylive technician support you step-by-step as you select and configure your elevator...


Elevator performance can be greatly improved by modernizing components like control system and door operator. These upgrades improve reliability,


Upgrading elevator’s electrification system, control system can significantly reduce energy consume, making your elevator more eco-efficient, these


The modernized products, which fully comply with new standards, bring safety to a new level.


Modernization/Upgrading Projects

Project Name: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Origin Brand: Otis-Express

Lift Type: Passenger Lift, 1250kg, 2.5m/s, MR, 23/23/23

Completion Date: Dec 2016

Upgraded parts: Full lift replacement except guide rails

Project Name: Nikko Hotel Suzhou

Location: Suzhou city, China

Origin Brand: Toshiba

Lift Type: Passenger Lift, 1250kg, 2m/s, MR, 28/28/28

Completion Date: June 2017

Upgraded parts: Electric system, controller, signal system