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Passenger Elevator

Simple and practical for smaller residential buildings. The alternative satisfies all needs in terms of performance, design, and other possibilities, while also being more affordable and convenient.
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Freight Elevator

A heavy-duty elevator for buildings with demanding requirements for service and goods transport. Solid set of standard features specially designed to goods transportation requirements.
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Panoramic Elevator

For commercial and high- end residential buildings allowing flexible combination of system layout, which makes it suitable for special applications like hotels, shopping centers and public buildings.
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Home Elevator

Provide directional villa elevator customer service for top luxury market. Offers a certain design and dimensioning flexibility, providing green mobility, smart operations and space efficiency.
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Escalator & Moving Walk

Meets the specific requirements of commercial buildings and public transport applications; with various configuration packages, dependable performance and passenger safety.
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About Joylive

The Professional Provider of Elevator/Escalator/Lift MOD

Joylive Elevator was established in 2002 in Kunshan(60KM to Shanghai),
Suzhou City, China and was listed on stock exchange in 2015 (Stock Code: 833481).

As an Influential

Passenger Elevator Manufacturer And Freight Elevator Suppliers

in China, Our company is specializing in elevator and escalator manufacturing and related service, It has a relatively complete intelligent manufacturing center in the industry, covering an area of 70,000 square meters. Products include Passenger Elevators, Home Elevators, Freight Elevators, Escalators and Auto walkways… Read More >
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